A job well done

After the short notice, my operation went very well and I have spent the last 3 weeks recovering. My swelling has quickly gone down and to the outside world it is nearly impossible to tell that I have just had surgery.

The operation was fairly quick and easy. They removed a fold in my skin, the result of a previous operation, revised my scars and gave my face a little bit of a tug for good measure. I must say, from what I can see Mr K has done a wonderful job on my scars, so it was all worth it.

A smooth recovery has been extremely important to me this time around. I have a feeling operations will be pretty regularly every couple of years, so I tried to hone my skills to become a slick recovery machine, basically I tried to delay chewing for as long as possible, I think I lasted about four days, then the Haribo beat my will power. I fared a bit better with my TV challenge, which consisted of watching lots of it, so you know, you win some, you lose some.

I see my surgeon again in 3 weeks time for the big A.OK and a bit of self-congratulation. He took the time out to explain what he thinks the NEXT operation will be so I am sure to be added to his list again, lets hope I get a bit more than 3 weeks notice in a couple of years time.

One thing this surgery hasn’t helped is my knee. Being half way through a 9 month recovery from ACL surgery and then having to spend 3 weeks laid up recovering does not help progress. It feels like I have fallen back about 2 months in my recovery. Oh to have a body that is fixed not constantly in a state of repair.

It is back to the blood doctor tonight, for another chapter in my saga.

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