A story about how my life got twisted upside down, Again

Well I have had quite the week.

Last night was my appointment with my Haematologist to discuss my latest set off blood results and formulate a plan of action to try to make me better. Well that was the hope I had about week ago, but everything has spiralled out of control a bit.

I have now been off all my prescribed drugs for 4 months, and although my blood cells numbers have improved there hasn’t been a great increase and the levels seem to have fluctuated while on the long-term decline, if you look at my history of tests. So no great news there, but no need for drastic action, which given my other news was a bit of a blessing.

A week earlier I had been informed by email that I have been scheduled for another facelift at Chelsea and Westminster. OH HOW I LOVE THE ADMIN SYSTEMS. Now as this blog has previously explained, I think my surgeon is the bee’s knees and he deserves a big high-five, but that hospital has one of the worst admin systems I have ever seen. I last saw my surgeon two and a half years ago, or six months after my last operation, and he put me on his list for surgery. About a month later I was asked to come in for a pre-operative assessment, and since then I have had diddly-squat. That is not quite true; I received a single letter last year from the surgical director’s office explaining that I was still on the surgery list and to contact them if I wanted to be removed.

At 3:50 pm on the 23rd of April I received this email telling me I was scheduled for surgery on the 16th of May. Now I have to attend the hospital at 7.30 am, so I make that 22 days, 16 hours and 20 minutes warning ahead of my surgery and for my work, from where I am likely to be signed off for a minimum of 3 weeks, that’s 21 days if you’re wondered.

So the outcome of a very stressful, depressing and frustrating week is that I will be having surgery, AGAIN, and the problems with my blood will be monitored for another six weeks at least before any decisive action.

It feels like my haematologist has been given a reprieve from having to make any kind of decision.

Oh and remember those pesky “doctors” at St John’s at St Thomas’ well they are doing nothing. So there are still no answers but they are going to cut me in the meantime.


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