New Year, New Problem

Unsurprisingly, most of my medical experiences don’t really run to plan and during routine checks ahead of my knee surgery there were some complications, of course there were.

The blood results during my pre-op tests showed that my levels of Haemoglobin, platelets and white blood cells were all low, from what I can remember from GCSE Biology, that means I am pretty much being low in the blood part of blood.

As normal I have been subjected to ALL OF THE TESTS. This time I have had seven blood tests in 3 weeks, an ultrasound of my abdomen, followed by an echocardiogram and an ECG before they gave me a sneaky bone marrow biopsy while I was under general anaesthetic having my knee rebuilt.

The bone marrow biopsy gave some pretty special results. They were able to take a core, which showed nothing. Well I hope it wasn’t technically nothing as having hollow bones would be a bit too mental, even for me. The biopsy showed no cells in my bone marrow, which would explain the low levels in my blood. I can’t be alive and have no blood cells in my bone marrow, so there must be some, somewhere, but we need to find out if the level is falling or how we can fix it, because it’s not exactly the best way to have a long and healthy life.

The possible fixes are a bit scary really, obviously top of the list is a trusty concoction of yet more drugs or a blood transfusion or the most extreme, yet most comprehensive fix would be a bone marrow transplant

The only way it is noticeably affecting my life, well it is presumed as being caused by this, has been weight loss. Not drastically obviously weight loss but over a couple of months I have dropped a jacket and a waist size.

So what is happening now? Well, we have results and no answers. I see my haematologist again on in two months, during which time he will hopefully have been able to access all my blood results from way back when. For my part, I have had to get all my hospital numbers together for him, all 6 of them!



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