Monthly Archives: October 2012

I can see answers, well maybe

After years of anguish and pure incompetence there is finally some answers in sight, well maybe.

I have had quite the few months. After the ridiculous situation in June, I have now finished my investigations with my rheumatologist and we a staying as we were, no changes to drugs and I now will have an annual check up to make sure I am not about to fall apart.

I had a couple of scans, and they show that although my long bones are still actively growing, it is not at a rate that suggests anything scary. There was an option to change my medication from daily tablets to an intravenous dose every two years. It would have been nice not to have to take tablets every day but the Doctors decided against it, which I thought was good news. Yes it would be easier but having a drug used in chemo is never a good idea if you can survive without it. I am fairly happy with the as you were stance, to be honest.

Remember when they screwed up, well it turned out I had three separate files at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, all with different letters and tests in, basically according to their system, they had 3 of me, all with different bits of my condition in different files. A* for organisational skills.

This brings me on to the Dermatology department at C&W, who continue to practice with the same level of ineptitude I have become accustom to. It took over 8 month for them to arrange an appointment with a geneticist, promised in December 2011, and is now scheduled for the end of October.

I had a clinic appointment with the entire department. I spent the majority of this wanting to clip each of them around the ear, well mainly one specific consultant. This “character” wanted to show off. “Oh yes, I remember that presentation at the BMC. It was excellent. Do we have the photos? It must have taken 40 years of him” My first reaction was to take the insult on the chin. He went on to describe my case as fascinating, which really pissed me off.

I now could only focus on this bell-end and his fascination in my case. I was delighted his fascination had lead to him discussing me with his colleague in the department, say over the 10 years since the presentation. Oh no wait, that probably would have lead to the realisation that I was being seen.

Well, Dr Twatimus Maximus, if you were not a doctor and worked in the private sector, I doubt anybody would have been nodding along as you brought up a client you were fascinated by, saw an excellent presentation on by a colleague in your department and the failed to mention for the next decade. If a colleague presented a client to the industry, and then I didn’t hear anything about it for the next decade, I would have asked a question or two, say 9 years ago. I definitely wouldn’t be trying to show during another presentation on the client by a different colleague. PRICK.

I haven’t had an appointment since this because of stringent time keeping and the *excellent* service provided by South Eastern Trains. My appointment was scheduled for 11.45am, I had taken the day of work, so set off for an hour’s journey with 20 minutes to spare. My train then sat at a standstill for 50 minutes, because some berk had decided to use the train tracks as a shortcut.

As I was running late, I rung ahead to tell them so.

A clinic, scratch that, a department that has never run to time could surely accommodate me. I was only running half an hour late. “No, sorry, there will be no point you coming across to the hospital I’m afraid” was the answer. I was less than impressed, but calmly made an appointment later in the month, as soon as possible, which turns out to be be on the same day I see the geneticist. That is going to be a day packed full of fun, there is nothing I like more than waiting rooms.